Cercon system description

Intelligent way of zirconia oxide processing

Cercon system is based on the research of Swiss researchers at the prestigious technical university in Zürich in cooperation with the dentistry university clinic in Zürich. The procedure has been already described in the literature under the DCM (Direct Ceramic Machining) designation and it was developed for the market in cooperation with the company Degusa Dental.

It is a CAM - procedure at which the crown or bridge framework model fabricated into wax is optically scanned by laser and consequently by means of the computer it is cut in maximized size from the pre-cemented Y - TZP perform and finally it is heavily cemented.

The scanning and cutting process is carried out in the device called Cercon Brain. The cutting process is performed in 2 phases. While in the first machining process there is fabricated a rough form, the second one includes the fine working of the framework.

Shorter processing time, lower degree of tools wearing

The cut workpiece is cemented in heating process in the instrument part Cercon heat at the final temperature of 1.350 °C. The entire cementing process lasts for approximately 6 hours. Since the cementing process is connected with the volume shrinkage of the cut workpiece, the framework is cut in approximately 30% form from the preform. This increase of the framework form after scanning is calculated by the computer and it is carried out also in the instrument part Cercon Brain. This is possible because the shrinkage of zirconia oxide blocks on Cercon base is calculated as accurately as possible at their production and it can be forecast. The scanning and cutting process shall last for a single crown for 30 minutes, with 3 - segment bridge it is 50 minutes and with 4 - segment bridge it is 65 minutes.

The overlapping of the precise, heavily cemented zirconia framework is then carried out with the special covering ceramics Cercon ceram S, developed especially for this material.

The detailed information for Ceron CAM - supported all-ceramic system can be found on the separate leaflets of the company Degusa Dental or on the website address www.cercon - smart - ceramics.de.